Dispatching with confidence,
optimize for revenue

Simple, yet powerful software designed for transportation service providers, built to fuel growth in the digital era.

Flexible Platform

Supports multiple services to maximize vehicle utilization and earnings.


Specialty transport

Patients, seniors, NEMT, and transportation services with care and assistance


Commuter services

Last-mile or first-mile transportation with efficiency and flexibility


Local transport

Campus and regional area transportation with convenience and availability


All-in-One Tool

Connects every side of your transportation services.
Manage all bookings in one place – Import broker files, trip subscriptions, enable clients to book trips via call, email, web portal, or mobile app.
Dispatch with higher efficiency to boost your earnings – optimize routes, vehicle time, and capacity.
Price trips based on factors relevant to your services, revenue, and clients. Supports deadhead, mileage, time, bucket, tiered, mobility aid, subsidy, and more.
Collect and track payments digitally through banking and accounting integration for account-pay, card, cash, check.
Create invoices and receipts on-demand for faster payment – impress your clients with detailed, accurate reports.
Easily manage driver trip assignments, service hours, and payroll all in one place.
Support GPS tracking, vehicle configuration for wheelchair and gurney supports, maintenance and inspection records. The data you need to provide your services.
Dedicated web portal enables clients to book, track, and review their trips easily anytime, anywhere.

Priced for Providers of All Sizes

One fee for all products - an hourly rate per vehicle passenger hour (VPH).
No passenger on-board, no Duet fee

WebApp for operators
Mobile app for drivers
Mobile app for riders
Web portal for your facility clients

Keep track of VPHs in your Duet WebApp account.

Easy to Onboard and Use

Don't let outdated tools hold you back!
Still using paper and spreadsheet?

Move to digital manifest first and then to mobile app for a smooth transition.

Too busy to learn new software?

Let our support agents help you with set-up and use, available 24 hours a day.


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Customers Grow Their Services Faster with Duet


Transportation Providers

Licensed transportation service opereators use Duet to operate more efficiently.



Entrepreneurial drivers who aspire to become service business owners to use Duet to launch and grow faster.


Transportation Organizers

Medical facilities, communities, organizations, universities, agencies who offer members transportation benefits, use Duet to get the most from your budget.

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