2018 Promotion (January 2, 2018 - current)

Beginning on January 2, 2018, we will offer the following incentive to daily commuters in the San Francsico Bay Area to make your commute more rewarding.

If you drive, you will receive an additional $3 for each completed carpool. The incentives will be added to your cash balance and your carpool history next day.

Supported Area & Qualified Commute:

1. Travel within or between these cities listed in the highlighted area below, i.e., most cities between San Mateo/Foster City and San Jose, cities along both sides of the bay,

2. Commute more than five (5) miles each way,

3. Departure time between 7:30am and 9:00am in the morning, or between 4:30pm and 7:00pm in the afternoon, Monday to Friday only,

4. Trips taken place after January 2, 2018,

5. Booked using the latest app,

6. Each user is eligible for a maximum of $100 total incentives each month,

7. One user, one account.

Return Trip Guarantee:

Take a Duet ride out in the morning and can't find a ride back in the afternoon? No worries!! We have you covered. You can schedule a UberPool or LyftLine for your return trip if you take a Duet ride in the morning. We will reimburse you the difference between your UberPool or LyftLine fee and your morning Duet carpool fee. Just email your Uber or Lyft receipt to ride@duetinc.com, and we will add the reimbursement to your account which you can cash out anytime. Only applicable to the qualified commute with the same home and work locations as the morning commute's.

All trips are subjected to the terms in Duet's cancellation policies.

Area Map of Qualified Commute

image description

Duet is a partner of Metropolitan Transportation Commission of California (MTC). If your question is not answered here, please contact us at ride@duetinc.com.