Promotion (December 1, 2016 - current)

Earn Duet points: You will get Duet points for each carpool that you schedule and you choose to drive, or one Duet point if you choose to be the passenger. It doesn't matter whether another member joins your carpool or not. We will offer awards to members based on their points. Stay tuned for our annoucement! Download Duet.

Driver reimbursement: You will be reimbursed for driving a Duet carpool. You can review the reimbursement amount in the app before you confirm your carpool. You can also find the amount in your Duet account profile. Moreover you can cash out your reimbursement balance anytime.

Eligibility: All offers and carpools have to be created or scheduled using the latest Duet on the App Store (Update Duet). Cancellation or No Show is not eligible for either reimbursement or points.


Valet Parking Service By Luxe

Luxe is an on-demand valet service, similar to Uber but for parking your car. Using the Luxe mobile app, as a driver, you can simply request a Luxe valet to meet you at your destination and let the valet deal with parking hassle so that you can spend your valueable time on things that matter to you. The Luxe valet will not only pick up your car and park it in one of the company's secure lots, but also return the car to you whenever you are ready to go. To learn more about its service, cities of operation and terms, please visit or check out its FAQ page. Use referral code LUXE4DUET to get your first Luxe valet parking service for free to save $5 per hour and your precious time. If you like Luxe services, please email us at for the information about Duet member's discounts on Luxe monthly subscription services.

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