Duet-Minyvan San Francisco-Peninsula Commute Service

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The Duet-Minyvan Express is here! For commuters traveling between the San Francisco and Palo Alto areas. This service is provided to you by the Duet-Minyvan partnership.

You will book Minyvan rides using the Duet app, and then ride in our comfortable vans driven by our licensed, professional drivers while enjoying the free wifi, device chargers and Netflix!

If you commute between the SoMa/San Francisco and Palo Alto/Menlo Park/Redwood Shores areas or don't mind coming to these areas for pickup or dropoff, such as the Park & Ride lot at 27998 Arastradero Rd at the intersection of I-280 and Page Mill Rd, then come and join us! Below is the map of our service areas.

The ride costs $10 if purchased individually. We also offer the ride passes at discount to bring down the per ride cost to as low as $8. Please email us to inquire or purchase.

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How do I book a Minyvan ride?

STEP 1: Go to the Duet website to download the Duet app and create your account if you haven't done so.

When you set up your home and work locations, please make sure that your locations are in the service areas if you'd like to get our service and these are the locations that you will be picked up or dropped off.

If the shuttle service is available to you, then you will see the "SF-PA shuttle status: available / fully booked." in the home screen. "Available" means there is vacant seat up for grab for either today or tomorrow. "Fully booked" means that all the seats of today and tomorrow are taken.

Make sure that you verify your email and phone, and add a payment, which are required for ride booking. Please check our tutorial website for adding verifications.

STEP 2: Tap the "Schedule a carpool" button.

STEP 3: Use the picker to select a commute, i.e., "Today home to work" or "Today work to home".

STEP 4: If you see a ride booking card like the one below, then it's the Minyvan shuttle service. Swipe left/right (iPhone) or scroll up/down (Android) to find the departure time that fits you, and tap "Grab a seat" to book it. Now you have a ride!

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STEP 5: You will receive a text message at least two hours before the departure time to prompt you to check the finalized ride details in the app, i.e., exact time and location for pickup and dropoff.

Note: the departure time shown at the booking is the time of the first pickup. Your own pickup may be slightly later. We will text you when the exact time and location of the pickup and dropoff are finalized. You will be able to view them in the app.

STEP 6: What else? Just be on time at the specified pickup location looking for the van and your driver. Relax and enjoy the ride!

Note: Our driver will only come to the specified location to pick you up.

Need support? Please feel free to reach out to us at by email. Please note, we can't book you rides via email or phone. All rides need to be booked in the Duet app.