When planning transportation for a group or a company, it's always helpful to know where all the members are located relative to the campus or event site. Now we have a mapping tool to help you accomplish this. This mapping tool developed by Google will convert the addresses into geocodes and then place pins on the mapp where the addresses are.

Before start, you will need to have the list of members' addresses ready, preferrably in a Microsoft Excel file. Once you have the file, follow these steps to format and map those addresses.

STEP 1: In your spreadsheet file, list all the members' addresses in columns, one address per row. The address can be separated into different columns such as "Address", "City, "State", "Zipcode"; or compile the full address of a person into a single cell, such as "123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94102". Save the file.

STEP 2: Click here to go to the mapping site, or use the button below. Note, you will need a gmail account to use this google tool.

STEP 3: Once in the mapping site, click on the blue "Create a Fusion Table" button, and follow the prompts to import the address file you just created.

STEP 4: After the importation is done, you will see a preview of the data in the same layout.

STEP 5: Click on the "Map ..." tab and the site will start geocoding and mapping all the addresses.

STEP 6: The left sidebar will allow you to select different pins. For better visualizatioon you can also click on "heatmap" to view a heatmap of the locations.

Now you can visualize all the addresses on the map!

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