Return Trip Guarantee:

Take a Duet ride out in the morning and can't find a ride back in the afternoon? No worries!! We have you covered. You can schedule a UberPool or LyftLine for your return trip if you take a Duet ride in the morning. We will reimburse you the difference between your UberPool or LyftLine fee and your morning Duet carpool fee. Just email your Uber or Lyft receipt to, and we will add the reimbursement to your account which you can cash out anytime. Only applicable to the qualified commute with the same home and work locations as the morning commute's.

All trips are subjected to the terms in Duet's cancellation policies.

If your question is not answered here, please contact us at


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  1. How can Duet help me?

    Duet is a mobile application. It makes carpooling to work and then back so much easier that every commuter can rely on it everyday.

    Duet is designed after the Casual Carpool or Slug Line arrangement found in several places in California and Washington, D.C. By using mobile technologies, Duet transforms the entire user experience of casual carpool and makes it more accessible, comfortable and convenient to all commuters.

    At its heart, Duet is a networking application. It builds a location-based network for each commuter or Duet member. You will only carpool with members in your Duet community. The important considerations of Duet carpool are 1. its peer-to-peer nature - drivers and passengers are peers like friends or colleagues; 2. its flexibility - a member can choose to be a driver or passenger for different rides; 3. Its autonomy – you can schedule a carpool to fit your own routine, rather than being limited by someone else's schedule.

  2. Is Duet an on-demand ride hailing service? Similar to Uber, UberPool, Lyft or LyftLine?

    No, Duet is NOT a taxi or ride hailing service. Neither is it a Transportation Network Company. Duet differs in that first, Duet does NOT support on-demand rides, and instead the rides are scheduled beforehand by the members, typically the day before or hours before the departure time; second, Duet carpool is an expense-sharing activity in that members who drive will only be reimbursed for their driving cost; third, Duet members are peers and carpooling is not provided as a service so it takes place only when it's convenient for both driver and passengers. Duet members don't make a profit out of their driving, and neither do they carpool with you to a place that they don't intend to go themselves.

  3. Is Duet carpooling safe?

    Duet is safer than the Casual Carpool arrangement because it provides more information about the members whom you can potentially carpool with. In addition, we have a few measures in place for safety. Duet only connects you with other commuters in your neighborhood. The app also asks members to verify email, mobile, Facebook, and LinkedIn information. It only allows members in your own Duet community to join your carpool. You can review all the members in your community to get familiar and comfortable with them.

  4. Is Duet carpooling covered by my insurance?

    Like the "old fashioned" carpools, Duet carpooling is an expense-sharing activity, belonging to the ridesharing activity encouraged broadly by employers and municipality agencies. Most automobile insurers, such as AAA, State Farm, Farmers, and Geico, do include carpooling such as Duet's in their personal vehicle auto insurance under medical and personal injury coverage. We encourage our members to review their auto insurance policies should they have any concerns.

  5. Can I drive for Duet if I am on a visa?

    Visa status doesn't matter in carpooling. Carpooling is neither a vocation nor a contract. It's merely an activity that helps reduce both driver and passenger's commute cost.


2 hours. Schedule your next carpool at least two hours before your desired departure time. Of course, the earlier you schedule your carpool, the better chance that someone will join you.

1 hour. Any offer in the Carpool Queue automatically expires an hour before its departure time if no one joins it. That means if you create a new carpool offer, you will have at least one-hour advance notice of whether someone joins your carpool.

1-Confirmation ONLY. We use the 1-Confirmation process - you only need to confirm your carpool once. It is the most efficient process. This means that after you create a new carpool offer, you will be notified as soon as another Duet member joins your carpool. You do NOT need to accept or approve it again. Rest assured that we only permit the members of your Duet community to join you.

Note: All departure times are local to the pickup locations.

Please turn on your preferred notification method(s) -- in-app messaging, push notifications in your device, and email -- so that you don't miss a beat. No spam, period!