2 hours

Schedule your next carpool at least two hours before your desired departure time. Of course, the earlier you schedule your carpool, the better chance that someone will join you.

1 hour

Any offer in the Carpool Queue automatically expires an hour before its departure time if no one joins it. That means if you create a new carpool offer, you will have at least one-hour advance notice of whether someone joins your carpool.

1-Confirmation ONLY

We use the 1-Confirmation process - you only need to confirm your carpool once. It is the most efficient process. This means that after you create a new carpool offer, you will be notified as soon as another Duet member joins your carpool. You do NOT need to accept or approve it again. Rest assured that we only permit the members of your Duet community to join you.

Note: All departure times are local to the pickup locations.

Please turn on your preferred notification method(s) -- in-app messaging, push notifications in your device, and email -- so that you don't miss a beat. No spam, period!



(September 7, 2017 – CURRENT)

Beginning on September 7, 2017, we are expanding our supported area to include more cities in the San Francsico Bay Area and and extending our promotion to make your daily commute more rewarding.

You will receive $1 for scheduling a carpool in the app as either a passenger or a driver, regardless of a successful carpool match (up to $2/day). Compensation will be awarded as Duet points, which can be redeemed as cash.

If you drive, you will receive an additional $3 for each completed carpool. The incentives will be added to your cash balance and your carpool history next day.

Qualified Commute:

1. Travel within or between these cities listed in the highlighted area below, i.e., most cities between San Mateo/Foster City and San Jose, cities along both sides of the bay;

2. Commute more than five (5) miles each way,

3. Departure time between 7:30am and 9am in the morning, or between 4:30pm and 7pm in the afternoon, Monday to Friday only;

4. Trips taken place after September 7, 2017;

5. Booked using the latest app;

6. Each user is eligible for a maximum of $100 total incentives each month;

7. One user, one account.

Return Trip Guarantee:

Take a Duet ride out in the morning and can't find a ride back in the afternoon? No worries!! We have you covered. You can schedule a UberPool or LyftLine for your return trip if you take a Duet ride in the morning. We will reimburse you the difference between your UberPool or LyftLine fee and your morning Duet carpool fee. Just email your Uber or Lyft receipt to ride@duetinc.com, and we will add the reimbursement to your account which you can cash out anytime. Only applicable to the qualified commute with the same home and work locations as the morning commute's.

All trips are subjected to the terms in Duet's cancellation policies.

Area Map of Qualified Commute

image description

Duet is a partner of Metropolitan Transportation Commission of California (MTC). If your question is not answered here, please contact us at ride@duetinc.com.



Welcome to Duet, a trusted community for sharing your commute and more!

Now you have your own Duet account. What's next?

  1. To schedule a carpool

    You can schedule a carpool in one of two ways – by creating your own carpool or joining an available one.

    Tap "Schedule a carpool"

    The home screen shows your Duet community or network on the map – the commuters with a similar commute to yours, whom you may ride with soon.

    image description

    Pick a commute

    We currently support four commutes – today morning from home to work, today afternoon from work to home, tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon.

    Pick a commute. Once inside a commute, you can either create a new carpool of your own or join an available carpool if other members have offered them.

    Note: Android and iOS versions have a slightly different design.

    image description

    Create a new carpool

    If you see a new carpool card like this one, tap "Take the wheel" to drive and get reimbursed, or "Grab a seat" to ride.

    Once you request it, we will search and try to find another member to join your carpool. You will be notified as soon as we find one. We will stop searching one hour before your departure time. No message is sent to you if we can't find anyone for you.

    image description

    or join an available carpool

    If you see an available carpool requests like this one, great! You can swipe (iOS) or scroll (Android) to review the different requests and choose to join one. You will be notified as soon as your carpool is confirmed with both a driver and a passenger.

    If none fits your schedule, you can request one using the new carpool card at the end.

    image description

    View your confirmed carpool

    Once your carpool is confirmed or closed, it will be displayed on the home screen. Tap on it to go to the confirmed carpool screen to coordinate the pickup.

    image description
  2. To verify your email, phone, Facebook or LinkedIn account?

    To provide a safe and comfortable platform, we ask our members to perform certain verifications such as verifying your email, phone number, Facebook and / or LinkedIn account. To add verifications:

    Tap Menu

    image description

    Tap your profile photo

    image description

    Tap "Verifications"

    image description

    Tap a selection to verify

    image description
  3. I don't see the "Schedule a carpool" button. I only see the invitations in my app.

    If you see the screen below, it is because we've yet to find other members with a similar commute to yours, and hence we hide the "Schedule a carpool" button.

    Since our community is growing fast, please come back to check again. We will also inform you when such a member joins our community. Meanwhile please invite friends, coworkers and contacts to join Duet to help us grow the community.

    image description
  4. Now that I have someone to carpool with, what's next?

    Once you join someone's carpool or another member joins yours, this carpool is fully confirmed, what we call a "closed carpool". You are able to see all your confirmed carpools and their status on the app's home screen.

    Tap "Pickup complete"

    This button is the most important record of your carpool. Use it to confirm that you have met your carpool partner, and have started this carpool or completed it successfully.

    Note: All departure times are local to the pickup location. Any update to the locations of your commute will NOT be used in your existing carpools.

    image description
  5. How do I contact my carpool partner about the ride

    The app provides you several ways to contact the other member and communicate to coordinate the ride. Good and clear communication is instrumental to success. So use these tools and keep the other member updated.

    Note: Please use the app features to cancel your carpool or make a No Show claim. We will only use these records to make any fee adjustments. We do NOT track your chats, phone or location in the app, and neither can we use them for fee adjustment or dispute resolution.

    In-app chat to message

    Send messages in real-time

    image description


    Reach the other member by phone

    image description

    Quick status share

    Send a pickup status update by one tap

    image description
  6. How do I cancel my carpool request

    You can cancel your carpool request anytime free of charge. We do urge our members, if need be, to cancel their requests as soon as possible. If you don't cancel your request, then you're at risk that another member joins your carpool, and hence your cancellation will upset this member. If this happens, you will be subjected to the terms of our cancellation and no show policies for the confirmed carpools.

    Find your carpool request

    Choose the corresponding commute, and swipe (iOS) or scroll (Android) to find your request.

    image description

    Tap "Cancel your request"

    Once you find your carpool request, tap your photo to call out the cancellation option. You can cancel your request anytime free of charge.

    image description
  7. How do I cancel my confirmed carpool or make a No Show claim if my carpool partner didn't show up

    Cancelling a confirmed carpool will impose stress on the other member. Please be thoughtful and considerate when you cancel your confirmed carpool(s).

    However, surprises do happen, so you are able to cancel your carpool or make a claim of No Show on your carpool partner in the app. If you have to do so, please review our cancellation and no show policies first.

    Note: Cancellation and no show have to be claimed in the app using their respective function in order to be factored into the fee adjustment. We do NOT track your chats, phone or location in the app, and neither can we use them for fee adjustment or dispute resolution.

    To cancel or claim a No Show,

    Tap the carpool icon

    All your confirmed carpools are displayed on the home screen. Tap the one that you want to cancel.

    image description

    Tap the "..." icon

    Tap the More Selections icon to call out the cancellation and no show selections.

    image description

    Select "Cancel" or "No Show"

    Pick your selection, i.e., cancel this carpool or claim the other member as a "no show".

    image description
  8. How do I find and review Duet's Cancellation and No Show Policies

    Go to our legal webpage and tap the Cancellation Policy tab.

  9. How do I review my carpool fee or reimbursement

    You can find your carpool fee and reimbursement in your Duet profile as well as in the carpool scheduling form. Depending on who will ride with you and your shared route, your fee or reimbursement can be slightly different. That's why we provide you a range for each in your Duet profile, but a specific value at the time of scheduling.

    Tap "Menu"

    image description

    Tap your profile photo

    image description

    Scroll to "REIMBURSEMENT & FEE"

    image description
  10. How do I redeem my Duet points or cash out my cash balance

    You can redeem your Duet points or cash out your cash balance anytime. Minimum number or amount may apply. Please review more information in our Frequently Asked Questions under FEES & REIMBURSEMENT, and our Terms of Service.

    Tap "Menu"

    image description

    Tap "Balance & History"

    image description

    Tap "Cash" or "Duet Points"

    image description

    Tap "Cash out"

    image description

    Tap "Send" & we will process it

    image description
  11. I have a question and want to contact Duet?

    Note: All carpool completion, cancellation and no show claims must be made using your Duet mobile application. We will NOT take your email as a record in our consideration of the final status of your carpool.

    Tap "Menu"

    image description

    Tap "Contact us" to email us

    image description

    Still have questions? Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).