Hacidenda Commute Program.

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Program Proposal

Duet provides dynamic shuttle services to corporations and employees to ease their commute stress. We work with licensed fleet operators and professional drivers to bring the door-to-door pickup/dropoff, wifi-connected modern mobility experience to your daily commute, and help you win back time, energy and productivity.

Hacienda program: We're working with the Hacienda management team to set up a commuter program to bring the service to its companies and employees. The proposed service areas for the program is between the area of South Fremont, Mipitas and North San Jose to Hacienda in Pleasanton. The program is a subscription based and designed to be shared among companies. Hacienda employers can subscribe the program to allow their employees to access and use the service. For program rate and access, please reach out to us for more information.

Special offer: Hacienda companies and riders will receive 10% discount of our standard rates. The discount is applied to program fees, ride fees and ride passes. In addition, Duet ride service is qualified for IRS Pub15b Sec 2 transportation (commuting) benefits. Duet mobile app accepts ten (10) different commuter benefits cards for its shuttle services - Ameriflex, Beniversal, Commuter Chek, Discovery, eTrac, FlexFacts, GoNavia, Transit Chek, VitaFlex, and WageWorks.

Qualifications: To qualify for the discount, employers need to be a registered business tenant of Hacienda verified by the Hacienda management. The discount will be automatically applied to the ride fees of the riders who are the employees of the companies subscribing the program.

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