Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How can Duet help me?

    Duet is a mobile application. It makes carpooling to work and then back so much easier that every commuter can rely on it everyday.

    Duet is designed after the Casual Carpool or Slug Line arrangement found in several places in California and Washington, D.C. By using mobile technologies, Duet transforms the entire user experience of casual carpool and makes it more accessible, comfortable and convenient to all commuters.

    At its heart, Duet is a networking application. It builds a location-based network for each commuter or Duet member. You will only carpool with members in your Duet community. The important considerations of Duet carpool are 1. its peer-to-peer nature - drivers and passengers are peers like friends or colleagues; 2. its flexibility - a member can choose to be a driver or passenger for different rides; 3. Its autonomy – you can schedule a carpool to fit your own routine, rather than being limited by someone else's schedule.

  2. Is Duet an on-demand ride hailing service? Similar to Uber, UberPool, Lyft or LyftLine?

    No, Duet is NOT a taxi or ride hailing service. Neither is it a Transportation Network Company. Duet differs in that first, Duet does NOT support on-demand rides, and instead the rides are scheduled beforehand by the members, typically the day before or hours before the departure time; second, Duet carpool is an expense-sharing activity in that members who drive will only be reimbursed for their driving cost; third, Duet members are peers and carpooling is not provided as a service so it takes place only when it's convenient for both driver and passengers. Duet members don't make a profit out of their driving, and neither do they carpool with you to a place that they don't intend to go themselves.

  3. Is Duet carpooling safe?

    Duet is safer than the Casual Carpool arrangement because it provides more information about the members whom you can potentially carpool with. In addition, we have a few measures in place for safety. Duet only connects you with other commuters in your neighborhood. The app also asks members to verify email, mobile, Facebook, and LinkedIn information. It only allows members in your own Duet community to join your carpool. You can review all the members in your community to get familiar and comfortable with them.

  4. Is Duet carpooling covered by my insurance?

    Like the "old fashioned" carpools, Duet carpooling is an expense-sharing activity, belonging to the ridesharing activity encouraged broadly by employers and municipality agencies. Most automobile insurers, such as AAA, State Farm, Farmers, and Geico, do include carpooling such as Duet's in their personal vehicle auto insurance under medical and personal injury coverage. We encourage our members to review their auto insurance policies should they have any concerns.

  5. Can I drive for Duet if I am on a visa?

    Visa status doesn't matter in carpooling. Carpooling is neither a vocation nor a contract. It's merely an activity that helps reduce both driver and passenger's commute cost.

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  7. What kind of phone or device settings does the app require?

    Minimally, you need to turn on the location services and push notifications for Duet in your iPhone. Additionally, the access to camera and photos can come in handy. To do so, go to the Settings in your iPhone, and scroll down to find the Duet app, and then switch on Location and Notifications for Duet.

  8. Do I need to use the actual addresses of my home and office?

    No, you don't need to use your actual addresses. The addresses you entered when signing up for Duet are the pickup and dropoff locations for carpooling. If you're a passenger, we suggest you choose locations that are within walking distance of your home or office so that it's convenient for you to meet the other Duet member who will pick you up.

  9. I signed up for Duet. Why I don't see anyone in my community?

    Duet builds individualized carpool network for each its members. If you don't see any other members in your community, it could be that your network is yet to be established. We have many users across the country, and most of them live in metro areas such as Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. It's very likely that you will find someone in your network if you live in one of these metro areas. Please help us grow the community by inviting your contacts too.

  10. How do I contact other Duet members to arrange a carpool?

    You will use the "Schedule a carpool" feature of the app to schedule a carpool with other Duet members. We will ensure whoever joins your carpool is a good match for you based on route, time and other factors.

  11. I made a ride or drive carpool offer. How will I know that someone wants to join my carpool?

    That's great that you made an offer! As soon as another Duet member joins your carpool, you will be notified by push notification, email and in-app chat. Please turn on these communication channels to receive the confirmation promptly. Note, we use 1-confirmation process. That is you only need to confirm your carpool once. We will not ask for your confirmation again when someone joins your carpool.

  12. If I make a carpool offer but no one joins it, will I be charged?

    No, you will NOT be charged, nor will you be reimbursed for your open carpool offers, i.e., if no one joins your carpool and your offer is still standing. In other word, nothing will happen if your carpool is standing open.

  13. Can I cancel my open carpool or confirmed carpool? Is there a fee for cancellation?

    You can cancel your open carpool offers anytime and free of charge if no one joins your carpool. In fact, your open carpool offer will expire an hour before its departure.

    However, if someone joins your carpool, then your open carpool will immediately turn into a confirmed carpool. Note, we use the 1-confirmation process, and once you offer a carpool, you do not need to confirm again after someone joins you. If you have to cancel a confirmed carpool, you may have to pay a fee because the cancellation will impact another member's commute. Please refer to our Cancellation and No Show policies for details.

  14. What should I do if I can't find my carpool partner at our scheduled pickup location?

    First, try to contact your carpool partner through in-app chat or by calling the member. If you can't get a reply from him or her, and you have waited at the scheduled pickup location and the time is ten minutes past the scheduled departure time, you need to make a "No Show" claim in the Duet app. Tap the carpool icon of this ride -> tap the "…" icon on the upper right corner -> select "Others are no show". You can then proceed with other commute options.

    If a carpool's final status is deemed incomplete with a No Show by the Company, the members of this carpool will be subjected to either paying a fine or getting a reimbursement for the inconvenience.

    You must use the No Show feature in the Duet app in order to register your claim into the decision of finalizing the status of a carpool. If your carpool partner is deemed a No Show by the company, you will not be charged for the carpool fee or be reimbursed for the driving. Instead you will be reimbursed for the inconvenience. Please refer to our Cancellation and No Show policies for details.

  15. Can I use Duet for rides other than commuting?

    The Duet mobile app is designed to best support daily commuting.

  16. How do I change my locations or commute?

    To change locations or your commute, in the Duet app, tap Menu -> View Profile -> COMMUTE INFO -> Home or Work -> enter address or move the map pin to your desired location -> Save -> Menu -> Home.

    Note: Any update to the addresses of your commute will NOT be used in your existing open carpools and confirmed carpools.

  17. I don't use an iPhone, but I would like to sign up and try Duet. Do you have an Android Duet?

    Yes, we have released Duet on Android! The user interface is slightly different between the two apps however all the features are on both platforms.

  18. Where does Duet work?

    Duet is only launched in the US market. We're currently only supporting members in the selected areas in the US. Please sign up for our newsletter to be informed about our product updates and additional service area announcements.


  20. How much does Duet carpooling cost me?

    Passenger members will pay a fee for taking a Duet carpool. Driver members will be reimbursed for giving a Duet carpool. You can find your fee and reimbursement in your Duet profile. Both are priced individually for each member based on commute distance and a few other relevant factors. The Duet carpool fee is priced to be comparable to your current commute cost.

  21. How do I pay for my carpools?

    You will need to add a credit card to your Duet account. Duet does NOT store your credit card information. Neither do we have access to the information. We use a well-established third party payment system (Stripe) to collect credit card information and handle all the payments. You can review Stripe terms of use and privacy policy.

    To streamline payments as well as to reduce the payment transaction fees, we will charge members a fixed amount at each payment. The remaining, unused amount will be credited to your balance.

  22. When do I get paid or charged?

    All activities of the day are closed after the end of the day, i.e., pass mid-night. All fees are processed at the same time when the transactions are closed. So you will see your driver reimbursement, or credit card charges or points earned of the closed transactions calculated into your balances next morning.

    Please note that we process card charges at an increment of $10, i.e., we will only charge your card for the owed amount on your balance that exceeds $10.

  23. When does my activities appear on my transaction history?

    Transactions are closed at the end of the day each day. So you will see your activities of today appeared on your transaction history tomorrow morning.

  24. How do I find my reimbursement or Duet point balance?

    You can find your balances in the Duet app, go to Menu -> Balance & History.

  25. How do I cash out my balance or redeem my Duet points?

    To cash out your reimbursement balance, you need to go to the Duet app, tap Menu -> Balance & History -> Cash -> Cash out.

    To redeem your Duet points, you need to go to the Duet app, tap Menu -> Balance & History -> Duet points -> Redeem.

  26. Is my driver reimbursement considered an earning?

    The reimbursement that you receive by being a carpool driver is NOT an earning, but a partial reversion of your own driving cost. We call it - put money back to your pocket. According to IRS 2019 update, the driving reimbursement (a good estimate of the actual cost of driving) for a standard passenger car is about 58 cents per mile. That's from your own hard earned money. We'll help you keep it!