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    1. To get started using the Duet driver app, what do you need?

  1. 1.1 Work for a Duet contracted fleet operation.

    Duet contracts with professional fleet operations and provide them Duet’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform to manage operation.

    If you work for a Duet contracted fleet operation, then your fleet administrator will be able to register you to access the Duet driver app and create a Duet driver account for you.

  2. 1.2 Provide information to the fleet administrator for registration.

    You will need to provide your name, mobile phone, email address, addresses, a profile photo, driver license copy, commercial driver license (optional) and driving record (if asked).

  3. 1.3 Being assigned to a service program.

    After registration, your administrator needs to assign a service program to you so you can provide service to the qualified riders. Please confirm with the administrator which program is assigned to you.

  4. 1.4 Download the Duet driver app.

    Use the app store badges on the top of this page to download the Duet driver app.

  5. 1.5 Log in the Duet driver app.

    Once your administrator created a Duet driver account for you, you will be able to login the driver app using the same email registered with your Duet account. However you still need to set up a password. Here is how you can set up your own password.

    Log in the app first time, tap Log in > enter your email > tap Forgot password. You will receive an email shortly with a link to reset or set up your new password.

    Note: check your Spam or Junk box if you don’t see the email in the inbox. Also double check the spelling of your email. Depending on your mail server, it may take a few seconds to a few hours for the email to be sent. Be sure that you give enough time for it, and try not to send too many reset email.

    Once you have your new password, go back to the Duet driver app, tap Log in > enter your email and password > tap Log in.

    If you’re having trouble of logging in, then try taping the Forget password to reset the password again. If the issue persistent, you can contact your admin or Duet for assistance.

  6. 2. How to use the Duet driver app?

    When on duty, please keep your Duet driver app on all the time either in the foreground or background. DO NOT log out or kill the app.

    Please provide location service permission to Duet app:
    In iOS, go to your iPhone’s Settings app > Privacy > Location service > Duet Partners > select “While Using the App”.
    In Android, go to your phone’s Settings app > Apps & notifications > App info > Duet Partners > Permissions > Location.

  7. 2.1 About 30 minutes before you’re ready to drive for your shift, you need to claim a vehicle so you can get your first trip on time.

    Go to Menu > Claim vehicle > select your vehicle on the list > tap “Claim vehicle”.

    Pick your vehicle

  8. 2.2 After finishing the day, you can release the vehicle.

    Go to Menu > View vehicle > tap “Release this vehicle”.

    Note: Once you release the vehicle, you won’t be assigned with new trips.

  9. 2.3 Getting new trips.

    As long as you claim a vehicle, trips will be assigned to you automatically, one trip a time. That means you will have at least one trip on your Trip Dashboard screen during your shift. If you don’t see any trip displayed on your Trip Dashboard when on duty, it means no one books ride for the next trips. You can then take a short break for a few minutes.

    When a new trip is assigned to you, you will hear a short soundtrack played on your phone. To stop the soundtrack, open the driver app and stay on it for a couple seconds. If you’re already in the app, then the soundtrack will automatically stop five seconds later.

    You will also receive a text message when a new trip is assigned to you.

    Trip appears automatically

  10. 2.4 Conducting trips 1/8 – Overview

    The driver app will guide you to the next pickup or dropoff location, provide you the information of the rider that you will pick up and drop off. All of these activities will be conducted on the My Trip screen.

    Tap the trip

  11. 2.5 Conducting trips 2/8 – Go to My Trip screen.

    All the information you need to conduct a trip is on the My Trip screen.

    Hold and pull up the tab

  12. 2.6 Conducting trips 3/8 - Navigation.

    Tap the arrow next to the address, a navigation option is shown to you. Choose a navigation option that you feel the most comfortable with.

    Select navigation

  13. 2.7 Conducting trips 4/8 – Contact rider.

    Tap the user profile photo, and select call rider.

    Contact rider

  14. 2.8 Conducting trips 5/8 – Update the ride status.

    At each stop, you will need to update the ride status, such as Complete pickup, Complete dropoff, or Rider is a no show if you contacted the rider but couldn’t reach him or find him.

    Update ride status

  15. 2.9 Conducting trips 6/8 – Admin note for non-emergency medical transportation only.

    If you’re providing non-emergency medical transportation services, you will see sometimes a note under a rider left by your administrator regarding providing the service to that rider. Tap the note or its icon to read the entire note and follow the instruction when providing the services.

    Read admin note

  16. 2.10 Conducting trips 7/8 – Capture signatures for non-emergency medical transportation only.

    For non-emergency medical transportation, after you drop off the rider, you will need to collect rider’s signature by asking them to sign on the app screen, and save their signature as well as yours as a record for completing the trip.

    Note: you have to tap the Complete dropoff to access the signature pad.

    Collect rider signature

  17. 2.11 Conducting trips 8/8 - Mark a trip complete (IMPORTANT).

    Once you finish all the pickups and drop-offs of a trip, you will slide the Complete trip button in the end to go back to the trip dashboard and get a new trip. You must slide the Complete trip button in order to get new trip.

    Slide to complete trip

  18. 2.12 Review the trip info anytime.

    While conducting the trip, you can review the entire trip information in the Full list screen.

    See trip details

  19. 3. More about the driver app

  20. 3.1 Review your trip history.

    Go to Menu > Trip history.

    View your trip records

  21. 3.2 Log out the driver app.

    Go to Menu > Settings > Logout

    Log out the app

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