Enrich your commute.

Move into the carpool lane now!

How is Duet Different

Duet makes carpooling a pleasure. Because it's more than just a mobile platform, it connects you with other commuters in your neighborhood or workplace, bringing your community closer while making your commute easier. Expand your world while cruising in the carpool lane – use the download link in the top to get Duet today!


How does Duet Work

Duet creates and manages a commuter network for you. That way, you're not tied down by a specific schedule, nor do you have to search around for someone else. With Duet, you can carpool with one member to work in the morning and return with another in the afternoon. We know everyone's schedules are different – so we take care of all the logistic hassles, letting you sit back and cruise in the carpool lane.

Tap "Schedule a carpool"

The map shows your Duet community or network – the commuters with a similar commute to yours, whom you may ride with soon.

Pick A Commute

We currently support four commutes – today morning from home to work, today afternoon from work to home, tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. Pick the commute that you're ready to schedule.

Create or Join A Carpool

If you see a new carpool card, tap "Take the wheel" to drive or "Grab a seat" to ride. Duet will try to search and find you a fit. You will be notified once a match is found.

Or if you see available carpools created by others, just swipe through them to review and select one to join.

Meet & Ride

Once your carpool is confirmed or closed, it will be displayed on the home screen. Tap on the carpool icon and use the app to communicate and coordinate the pickup.

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